The New Yorker NOOK HD Cover

Dress your Nook HD up in a classic cover from The New Yorker. Each of the images, exclusive to B&N, is printed on durable cotton canvas and features a suede interior lining.

Nook HD and HD+

Two updated tablets focused on content consumption

Announced today, Barnes & Noble has updated the popular Nook tablet with HD and HD+ versions. Unlike competitors like the Kindle Fire or iPad, the new generation of Nooks are offered strictly as content consumption devices; while users can peruse books, music, magazines and movies, you won’t find a camera on the Nook HD or HD+, and that’s all part of the plan. The Nook …


Streamline digital content with the click of a button

Whether you’re an information junkie or just someone with little time for filtering through the surplus of online content, Reading is designed to help. Founded by Max Fenton—online editor of McSweeney’s “Believer” magazine—and Greg Leppert of Svpply fame, Reading combines the literary and tech worlds for one seamless feed that allows you to see what other people are perusing, or share stories that you find …