Cool Hunting Video Presents: How to Make Tofu

As a public service to health-minded gourmands, here's a step-by-step recipe for making your very own tofu

150g Dried Soy Beans : 2g Calcium Sulfate (aka Gypsum, used for wine/beer making) water Soak beans in water overnight. Place the beans in a blender, adding water until they’re covered (about 1″ above the bean level). Blend for two minutes until it’s a smooth liquid. Using a sack made from two pieces of cotton cloth, squeeze out the soy juice. Bring the juice to …

PodGourmet Vegan Edition

All you Vegans with iPods can now rest easy when cooking away from home. Enrique Quintero's Pod Gourmet Vegan Edition is a collection of 277 Vegan recipes neatly organized and ready for download to your iPod. via Platelets