Floating Record Player

Chicago-based Gramovox seemingly defies gravity (and decades of tradition) with the Floating Record: a turntable that spins vinyl vertically for maximum audiovisual impact—truly treating each record like a work of art. With final assembly taking place in Chicago, the belt-driven record player comes with built-in speakers (as well as RCA line outs if you’d rather use your own audio setup).

Fern & Roby’s Cast Iron and Bronze Turntable

A sculptural work of art to satisfy audiophiles and design lovers

Fern & Roby, located in Richmond, Virginia, designs not only eye-catching furniture with vintage-inspired bases (made from cast iron, bronze or aluminum) but also stunning audio equipment that could double as sculptural works of art. With a dedication to American manufacturing and craft, Fern & Roby impress yet again with The Turntable—made up of a a 70-pound cast iron plinth and 35-pound bronze platter—to satisfy …

Elemental Turntable

As an alternative to the bulky size and cheap plastic of many entry-level turntables, Austria-based Pro-Ject Audio Systems’s Elemental is a simple record player especially fit for vinyl newbies that’s as easy on the wallet as it is on the ears. With counterweight and anti-skating already pre-adjusted, it’s easy plug and play. While it doesn’t yet come with a dust cover, Pro-Ject is planning to …