MC Lars: Joker or Superstar?

MC Lars, who went to Stanford University (but seems somehow connected to Scandinavia – he even has a song called “Straight Outta Stockholm”), is a little bit hip hop and a little bit pop rock (think Donny and Marie if they had emerged in 2005. No? Ok, I wasn’t buying it either). He’s as white as they come, but manages to rhyme pretty well, name-checking …

Reach Up for the Sunrise

Duran Duran's forthcoming single, Reach Up for the Sunrise, features this lovely piece of album art. I agree with Arjan that there's some definite Bond inspiration going on. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) what they come up with for the reunion album, Astronaut, which is set for release in October. via

Ubiquity Records

Ubiquity Records is now selling stylie music themed T-shirts. All designs come with a mini CD hang tag featuring their favorite tracks and exclusives from their upcoming releases.