Julian Lwin

Julian Lwin is a product designer who decided to do something with all those refuse bottles found curbside on recycling day. His lighting pieces creatively repurpose laundry bottles making both a social and an aesthetic impact.


As you may have noticed, I'm all about environmental friendliness, social responsibility and hot design. So is Brooklyn, NY based Jed Ela. He created ShitBegone to deliver labor friendly, 100% recycled, soft toilet paper at a valuable price. If you don't live near a bodega that carries it, order a case direct.

Sarah Cihat

Fifty-Cents is Sara Cihat's creative statement about the importance of recycling and the ability to renew value of unwanted things. She finds used dishes, cleans them, applies new designs and re-fires them. The result is fun, funky and feel-good. via urbanSpy [ via Design Sponge ]