The Jimi

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like the traditional bill-fold wallet, the Jimi may be for you. Made from recycled and recyclable plastic and available in several bold colors, the Jimi it a simple and sleek holder for a few cards and some cash. Because it's hard sided, there's no worry of all your stuff getting crumpled or schmutzy.

Recycled Paper Vase

Most designers I know (myself included) read an enormous amount of magazines for both research and pleasure. A rather displeasing side-effect is the hideous amount of paper waste that results from this habit. Lekkerhome has a solution: hand crafted vases made from used design magazines. Yes, they are waterproof. via Treehugger 12/9 UPDATE: I've heard these vases are sold out and the artist will not …

Julian Lwin

Julian Lwin is a product designer who decided to do something with all those refuse bottles found curbside on recycling day. His lighting pieces creatively repurpose laundry bottles making both a social and an aesthetic impact.