Street and Bike-ready Capes from Cleverhood

Technical fabrics and features packed into a highly functional piece of outerwear

Commuting by bicycle doesn’t necessarily mean throwing on spandex or overhauling your wardrobe. In cities with deeply embedded bike commuting cultures like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, riders often incorporate one or two functional clothing items with their day-to-day rotation without compromising their personal style. Inspired by slow-biking culture, Providence, RI-based Cleverhood‘s capes inspire riders to hit the road in any weather. The unisex design fits easily …

Imperial Motion Vector Reflective Windbreaker

A strikingly visible pullover shell with understated styling

In January, it’s difficult to not let the season’s shorter days keep you from getting outside for a few hours of fun. Whether skateboarding, running or cycling, the darkness of the winter months makes visibility a concern when choosing the right activewear. Luckily, the design team at Washington-based Imperial Motion dropped a windbreaker with high-visibility capabilities that won’t make you look like a crossing guard. …

Daylight Deluxe Noserider Surfboard Bag

For a beautifully crafted surfboard, you’ll want to keep it in pristine shape while in transit. After putting Dakine’s Noserider Deluxe bag through a disproportionate amount of use (NYC subways in rush hour and a 5-storey walk-up apartment), it’s a worthy choice for those looking to keep their deck ding-free for seasons to come.