Plus Minus Zero LCD TV

The 8" LCD TV by Plus Minus Zero combines groovy retro styling with modern imaging tech. Obviously this is more about style than space efficiency– the usual benefit of LCD TV. via reluct

Space Invaders Vans

Crooked Tongues held a Space Invaders vs. Vans shoe competition. Viktor Chistyakov from Brooklyn, won with this hot retro tech design. No word on whether they will ever go in to production.

Ball Droppings

Somehow I missed this when it went around in the beginning of the year. Regardless, it's fantastic. BallDroppings, by Josh Nimoy, is a highly addictive musical play toy based on the simple principles of the original computer game, Pong. By drawing lines you manipulate where dropping balls bounce, and with every bounce a musical note is played. Be sure to check out for a …