Aromatherapy With Vitruvi’s Essential Oils

For taking deep breaths in stressful times

‘Tis the season for stress, guaranteed—especially for those of us who haven’t been able to sleep soundly after 8 November. A few mindful changes to our everyday routine have helped us stay grounded, whether it’s taking a self-imposed break from social media, dancing the anxiety off, or taking moments to focus. Facilitating the latter? Essential oils, which you can pick up from your local Whole …

Smudge Stick

Adrienne Fisher personally bundles her carefully sourced herbs (wild-harvested white sage from California, lavender from Long Island’s North Fork, wild sweetgrass from Illinois and roses from the local farmer’s market) into beautiful smudge sticks. She takes great care during the wrapping process—asking customers to email a little bit about themselves and their intentions—so she can have that in mind to help manifest. As the white …

Daily Rituals

Mason Currey looks into the lives of some of history’s most inspiring minds and compiles a fascinating range of daily rituals. Read about Jean-Paul Sarter, who wrote while on ten times the recommended dose of aspirin each day, Thomas Wolfe, who chose to use a refrigerator as a desk, and the secrets of 159 more.