Yaya Bey feat. DJ Nativesun: pour up

Experimental R&B artist Yaya Bey’s upcoming album Remember Your North Star (out 17 June) seeks to capture the kaleidoscopic nature of Black women, traversing genres like jazz, hiphop, reggae and soul. With the help of DJ Nativesun, Bey’s latest single “pour up” sees the artist expand her diverse repertoire toward Afrobeat. The infectious, carefree house-leaning track is encapsulated by the self-directed video of Bey dancing playfully around …

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Dark, soulful, haunting and poignant music from the week

Seinabo Sey: Blessed Swedish and Gambian artist Seinabo Sey returns with “Blessed,” a song written by her best friend, songwriter Isak Alverus. The track (produced by Carli Löf and Simon On The Moon) possesses a sparse, laidback energy with soft percussion and sprinkles of jazz, electronic and R&B. She says, “I like the lyrical message—that it is enough to wake up in the morning, get …

BLK ODYSSY feat. Baby Rose: Complex of a Killing Man

A poignant release from BLK ODYSSY, “Complex of a Killing Man” features singer Baby Rose and will appear on the forthcoming Blk Vintage Reprise album—which includes contributions from rapper Benny The Butcher, vocalist Eimaral Sol, funk legend George Clinton and others. Dark and mesmerizing, the track works as an opposing perspective to “Benny’s Got A Gun” and draws elements from R&B, hip-hop and funk.