“Tree House” Room Spray

Of course the actual fragrances of BYREDO’s new range of room sprays are the most important, but the oversized black glass bottles are so sophisticated that you’ll want to have it on display. Available in Bibliotheque, Cotton Poplin and Tree House, the perfumes are subtle but pretty. Our choice is Tree House, which has notes of bamboo, myrrh, leather and cedar. Price is in Euros.

Cascade Cabin Spray

An aromatic room spray made of wild harvest tree pitch, moss, bark and steam-distilled essential oils, Juniper Ridge’s pleasantly musty Cascade Cabin spray is a 100% natural fragrance powerful enough to bring back memories of childhood summers spent at camp.

Cire Trudon Room Spray

$142 width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”none” /> $142 Cire Trudon Room Spray Created in 1643, Parisian wax manufacturer, Cire Trudon has been a feature in the home of Marie Antoinette, Quentin de la Tour, Napoleon and countless royals. This sumptuous room spray is enclosed in a handmade bottle crafted by glass makers in Vinci, Italy. Available from Mohawk General Store for $140 width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”none” /> Cire …