The Aphrodite Project: Platforms

We spotted The Aphrodite Project at NextFest last night. Designed to help “sex workers protect themselves,” these Get Smart x Batman (Batgirl?) shoes bring hi tech muscle to the hustle. Designed both for improved marketing—the shoes display video, can flash the worker’s name, number, message, email address or web site and can play music—they also have a number of safety features—an alarm, one-button access to …

Volvo 3CC: Too Cute to Crash

Volvo's coupe concept car, the 3CC, pushes the safety envelope in addition to having an adorable Trekkie style. What makes this thing unique is that the entire floor of the car will shift to absorb the force of impact in a head on collision. The dash and seats move, too. Check out this b-roll to see how it all works.