Habanero Hot Sauce

Packed in an unassuming bottle, Secret Aardvark’s habanero hot sauce is quietly becoming an essential staple among hot sauce fanatics. Created by a two-person operation in Portland and sold at farmers markets, this Caribbean/Tex-Mex hybrid can now be purchased online so you can fulfill the inherent desire to “put it on everything.”

Miss Lily’s Jerk Marinades

The chef behind NYC's beloved Jamaican restaurant shares her cooking stories and secret ingredients

The beloved Caribbean oasis in New York City’s NoHo, Miss Lily’s, recently released a trio of their treasured Jamaican barbecue sauces and marinades—each made with all-natural ingredients including habanero chilies, brown sugar, scallions, cumin, ginger and more. These new sauces are meant to be used from the beginning of a dish to the very end—they serve as excellent marinades and rubs for all kind of …

Hawt Sauce by Holloway Kitchen

London-based Telegramme spice it up with sumptuous packaging for the newly-released, small-batch condiment

Made from just 10 ingredients, Hawt Sauce is the result of a year’s experimentation and is the very first product to emerge from Adam Brooks’ start-up culinary enterprise, Holloway Kitchen. “It’s unusual in that it’s very thick, almost like a salsa,” he says. “The idea is that it’s more versatile than your average hot sauce—it’s just as at home topping burgers as it is stirred …