The Summer Scarf

Rose Megirian created her brand, Many Peaks Assembly, as a way to promote social change through art. Made in collaboration with Over / East, the Summer Scarf combines two bold, original designs on one large silk square. The made-in-Australia scarf can be worn to add a little something to just about any outfit, or hung on a wall as art.

The Art of Consumption: CJW Wool Scarves

Christina Wang draws out her fascination for material objects on to wearable, sumptuous wool scarves

Christina Wang’s scarves are more than just wearable; they’re impossible not to comment on. Each square of soft wool is illustrated with an array of objects, ranging from bowls of ramen to a Patagonia fleece jacket and a Momofuku birthday cake—accompanied by their prices. With consumable products that she comes in daily contact with as her art muses, the NYC-based artist’s wearable works become a …

Watercolor Scarf

Sometimes, scarves are just so nice that you’re afraid to wear them out at all. For the first time, Brooklyn-based illustrator Billur Kazaz has transferred her watercolor designs onto quality scarves—but keeps the price affordable so you can run, splash and sweat with scarf in tow without a worry. Made in Turkey, with production overseen by Kazaz herself, these scarves are a fun, versatile way …