Autochrome Knitted Hugs

Signe Emdal calls her triangular scarves “hugs” because that’s what they feel like when the pale shades of merino wool are wrapped around your neck. Each is knitted with a muted pattern inspired by the first user-friendly color photography technique called Autochromes, and can be fastened with handy little loops like a warm embrace.

Care Instructions Scarf

The Warholian concept of blowing out mundane motifs onto deliberately crafted objects, whether for art, fashion, or general irreverence, doesn’t get old when done right. Articles of Clothing aces the idea by placing a refreshing new perspective on something so familiar we’re mostly blind to its design—the clothing care instructions tag. When enlarged on a scarf, it’s imbued with personality.

Mansi Shah Printed Scarves

Inspirited silk accessories meticulously designed in NYC

Eponymous design studio Mansi Shah prides itself on creating signature prints and products. Each bright and bold print made in the Chinatown space is conceived by Shah in NYC, though she taps an “informal” team of freelancers and friends to work as consultants for the studio. Shah studied at CalArts‘ graphic design program, where she says she was always encouraged to experiment. “We were constantly …