Studio Visit: Austin Lee

A paint-splattered space for artworks that begin digitally

“Art is the only thing I was good at”

Miami Art Week 2018: Radical Sculptures

Six works that shine a light on the dynamic medium

To boil down today’s definition of sculpture, one is left with the word “representation.” Some of us immediately associate the medium with three-dimensional marble or metal mobiles while others jump to abstract pieces that tackle contemporary concepts, moods or ideologies (even if the subject matter is nothingness). During Miami Art Week, we saw several pieces that captivated through the ways they appeared different and activated various …

Artist Sebastian ErraZuriz’s Wondrous Sculptural Works

From his new Bronx studio to a time-defying Art Basel commission by Audemars Piguet

Movement defines artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz. Many of his cabinet sculptures are built to change shape with a gentle touch. Light art flicks from one message to another and back again. The artist himself stays in constant movement, be that from project to project or within his new Bronx studio and exhibition space, a recent shift he made from Brooklyn. Even his thought-provoking large-scale …