serpentwithfeet: bless ur heart (acoustic)

Brooklyn-based artist serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) breathes new life into “bless ur heart” with a just-released acoustic rendition. From Wise’s LP soil, the original and highly theatrical track sheds its layers as Wise lets his delicate vocals rise in a tender, moving and transcendent way.

serpentwithfeet: bless ur heart

Since serpentwithfeet’s 2016 debut EP blisters, we’ve been entirely beguiled by the Brooklyn-based artist. Today, the Baltimore-born singer (aka Josiah Wise) releases the first track from his upcoming debut LP soil, “bless ur heart.” Like much of serpentwithfeet’s previous music, it’s an enthralling and dramatic piece of R&B/gospel that surges to a stunning climax. The accompanying video is as bewitching as the song itself.

Björk: The Cover Mix

With a track list that includes flute, various birdsong from Iceland and the music of Kelela, Kelly Lee Owens, Arca, Steve Reich and Serpentwithfeet, Björk’s “The Cover Mix” is a mind-bending sonic adventure stretched across 46+ minutes. Assembled (in Pro Tools) for Mix Mag, in celebration of her forthcoming album Utopia, the mix thrills at times while enveloping the listener in a blanket of delicate, …