Plant Retinol Science Time Traveler Serum

With such a bold name, one immediately gets a sense of Plant Retinol Science Time Traveler Serum’a goal: to provide anti-aging skincare by way of retinol. Otherwise known as Vitamin A, retinol has been clinically proven to encourage cell growth. With Intelligent Nutrients’ product, dark spots can diminish and wrinkles may soften. Not all the ingredients are easy to pronounce but 100% of them stem …

Summer Skincare Savers

Conquering the heat, sweats and tears with these gentle, effective products

The dog days of August are just around the corner. Helping with melting makeup, accidentally-too-long naps in the sun, overzealous air conditioning and more are these skincare savers we now can’t imagine our daily routines (and Summer Fridays) without. Light, refreshing, and most importantly, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, all of the below products do an effective job of keeping things in …

No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum

After falling ill, sought-after makeup artist Munemi Imai realized the benefits of eating naturally, and embarked on a journey to translate that philosophy to skincare. What she found was the magical prickly pear cactus, from which was derived Mun’s Brightening Youth Serum. Combined with rose and argan oils, a few drops promise revitalized, glowing, reverse-aged skin and a makeup primer to boot.