Shang Xia

European luxury and traditional Chinese craftsmanship in a Shanghai boutique

In a bustling metropolis like Shanghai, Shang Xia‘s boutique strikes a balance between “human and nature”, a millenary value of Chinese culture that often appears to be lost in the country’s economic rush. Wood and sandstone are combined together with high-tech fiber to create a corner of peace, a unique and harmonious environment. The Shang Xia brand was founded in 2008 by Chinese designer Jian …

Abigail Washburn: Afterquake

Nashville-based folk artist Abigail Washburn, long-known for her interest in China, recently collaborated with The Shanghai Restoration to produce a benefit album entitled "Afterquake" for the survivors of last year’s Sichuan Province earthquake. Created to raise awareness and provide financial support for the Sichuan Quake Relief, the album consists of field recording remixes from the quake zone.

Hunn Wai for Mein Studio Gallery: Ping-Pong Dining Table

Shanghai-based (and Design Academy Eindhoven-trained) designer Hunn Wai's new Ping-Pong table for Mein Studio's Gallery space takes Ping Pong back to its Victorian roots as an after dinner game played in dining rooms. Made with Corian, the table top-cum-playing surface features a Rococo design routed from the material and filled with gold lacquer. Hand-lathed wood legs are a nod to the original. We asked Wai …