Raining Cats Shower Curtain

Parra’s irreverent cartoony illustrations have been featured on everything from gallery walls to record covers to skateboard decks. Bring Amsterdam-based artist’s work into your bathroom with this nylon shower curtain that’s sure to catch the attention of guests and add some character to your morning routine.

Ty D.I.Y. Shower Curtain

Already known as a place for inspiring deep thoughts, the bathroom can prompt even more creative thinking with Grain’s DIY shower curtain. The non-toxic curtain comes with a refillable permanent marker made from post-consumer waste, and is ethically produced in the US’ Pacific Northwest. All you need is imagination.

Helio Pressure Shower

For those who value excursions into nature as much as they do personal hygiene, the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is the gadget of choice. Engineers blended the ease and packability of a traditional basic gravity shower with a foot-pump, which lends a satisfying pressure usually achieved only with heavier and more high-tech camping showers. An even-pressured shower in the wilderness requires nothing more than an …