Man Up Girl’s Tough Luck Collection

Influenced by men's skatewear, this young British brand makes attire for women on the go

by Tara Fraser Channeling a combination of classic skatewear and stylish women’s attire, Man Up Girl is shaking up the UK’s south coast with their bold, hand-printed garb—or in their words, “sports casuals.” The young brand releases its second collection dubbed “Tough Luck” today, and it promises to be practical and functional—without sacrificing aesthetics. While studying fashion design at Kingston University in 2011, co-founder Jess …

Adidas + Streetmachine: 25 Years of European Skateboarding

Copenhagen's hub celebrates a quarter-century with a football-inspired collaboration

The winters in Scandinavia are long and rough, but the summers are glorious. It’s no secret that when the midnight sun is in full swing, skateboarding thrives on the streets of the North. Originally opening in Paris in 1989, the now Copenhagen-based Streetmachine is (arguably and now officially) Europe’s premier skateshop. Holding a place in the city’s culture that transcends streetwear, fashion, art and skateboarding, …

Gold-Plated Skateboard

Treat yo’self. The SHUT V3 Gold-Plated Skateboard—constructed from exactly 99.999% electro-plated gold—is designed to be fully functional. There’s a good chance that a boarder with a bit of expendable income to spare might actually take this gilded beauty for a ride. That said, for those who view designer Matthew Willet’s piece as more precious decoration than functional deck, the piece comes with archival cotton gloves.