Panther Skates

Beloved Long Beach, CA-based roller skate brand Moxi started making skates in 2008 and now routinely sells out of their retro-vibed releases. Available for pre-order (and shipping in November), these Panther Skates feature a drum-dyed suede boot with a curved collar and ankle padding for comfort, high-rebound wheels for outdoor use, and animal-print toe-caps to protect against scuffs. The brand also purveys safety gear for …

Re-Edger Multi-Function Skate Blade Sharpener

For ice-skaters and hockey players, the Re-Edger from A&R Sports offers assistance with several on-the-fly fixes. At one end, a dual-tip ceramic steel sharpener can whet a blade; in the middle, a replaceable honing stone can be used for de-burring. It’s a handy item that’ll even benefit ice sport hobbyists.