Sky Brown is the Youngest Ever Vans’ Pro-Competition Skater

Eight-year-old pocket rocket Sky Brown competed against adults in this summer’s Vans US Open Pro Series—making her the youngest ever to participate. The Miyazaki, Japan-born skater is a force and seemingly has no fear—and even though she fell during her heat, there’s no doubt we will see more of her. Watch her take on the adults at Quartz.

Baise en Ville Skateboards

Well-designed, easy-to-carry boards produced in France

We met up with Laurent Pierre and Anne Isimat-Mirin during Paris Design Week, during which the duo launched their Baise en Ville Skateboards campaign on Kickstarter. The term “baise en ville” is slang frequently used for a small overnight bag (to hold a toothbrush, underwear, condoms, etc) carried by those seeking to have a fun night out. The name directly reflects the skateboarding brand’s mission. …