The Savvy Duo

An ideal skincare set for those with sensitive skin, allergies or aversions to scents, The Savvy Duo from Lendava comprises the brand’s lush Good Morning and Good Night face creams. Created to reduce and simplify skincare routines, each cream is designed to work as a potent hybrid serum, oil and moisturizer. Rich with antioxidants, vitamins, ceramides, peptides, as well as humectants and emollients (which attract …

CBD Lavender + Vetiver Bath Soak

Daughter Of The Land’s CBD Lavender bath soak blends epsom and French grey salts, incorporating 80 anti-inflammatory trace minerals and magnesium. Along with full-spectrum CBD and lavender, vetiver and rose geranium oils, it’s a blend intended to soothe muscles and heighten relaxation. Packaged in 100% compostable material, this hemp-derived formula is made with organic and Certified Fair Trade ingredients.

“CEDELLA” Papaya Enzyme Toner

From BAO (aka The Black Apothecary Office Inc), an accelerator for Black and Latinx creators in the beauty and wellness space founded by Jae Joseph and Brianna Wise, comes the refreshing and alcohol-free “CEDELLA” Papaya Enzyme Toner. For all skins types, the 5.8-oz toner utilizes geranium, sage and cucumber extract, in addition to the papaya extract enzymes, to tone and stimulate beautifully.