Reversible Louise Bourgeois Portrait Eye Mask

From Third Drawer Down comes a silk eye mask that features a portrait (albeit just the eyes) of brilliant and beloved French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. Best known for her striking large-scale sculptures and installations, Bourgeois suffered from insomnia, and said being asleep was “paradise.” With a striped border (and underside, in case you want a change), the mask’s elastic strap features the phrase “Key to …

Bat-Shaped Sleep Mask

Embrace your inner Batman with this bat-shaped sleep mask. Made from 100% silk (perhaps more Bruce Wayne’s taste) it’s incredibly soft and comfortable on the eyes and set into place with an elastic band. The embroidered mask comes with a carry pouch—to keep it clean and safe—and will surely help your next snooze, whether at home or in transit.

Fingernails Sleep Mask

This sleep time product is a tale of two cities: produced by The Glad Hours, the silk pajama-makers based in LA, and stocked at the one-floor Austin Motel. The blood red fingernails on this silk eye mask match the red-orange vinyl cushion bed-frames and lip-shaped bedside phones—and signal the wrath to come of whoever disturbs thy beauty sleep. It’s a hotel-level amenity worth bringing home.