Tamping Stick

Cheerful yellow is just one of the playful hues Flower by Edie Parker’s tamping sticks come in. Made in the USA, the 100% acrylic accessory—used for packing down a joint or bowl—also comes in coral red, purple, blue and pale pink. Easy to clean, it measures under an inch in width and five inches long.

Calla Multi-Tool

This multifunctional two-piece set is an elevated tool made for tokers. The silver barrel helps with rolling, while the rose-gold poker acts as a filter or packer. Sleek and compact, the two pieces fit together neatly and the set easily fits inside a pocket. Price is in Canadian dollars.

Ombre Arc Lighter

Available in two colorways (each equally glittery), Tetra’s Ombre Arc Lighter looks spectacular, but is undeniably practical. Not only is it reusable and chargeable (one USB charge offers about 50 lights), it’s also windproof and airplane-friendly. Button-activated, it’s a contemporary, playful and sparkly take on the traditional Zippo.