Voltaire Pipe

Handmade in Portland, OR, the Voltaire pipe is adorned with 22k gold, making for a sophisticated one-hitter. Made in small batches, the pipes go through three kiln firings before being finished—each mouthpiece is then overglazed in gold or silver. Available in white, black, green, sage and red.

How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High

Written by journalist and former West Coast editor of High Times, David Bienenstock, this guide to marijuana isn’t for rookies. Experts will enjoy the deep-dive into all things cannabis—from the plant’s lifecycle, customs, culture, recipes, travel tips and more. Not only super-informative, it’s also funny and compelling.

Nomad Travel Pipe

Designed by Solstice Studio, the super-sophisticated Nomad Travel Pipe is a compact evolution of the one-hitter. With a base forged from brass, it has a sliding aluminum top that contains the pipe and hides the chamber—in which about a half gram of cannabis can fit. Small enough to stow in a bag or clothing pocket, it also features a magnetic closure to keep everything in place …