Chargrilled Sardine Loins in Pickled Sauce

These large, hand-cut sardine loins are grilled over an open fire of holm oak and then conserved in escabeche—a traditional Spanish marinade which consists of Arbequino extra virgin olive oil from Torre de Canena, as well as Acid for the House vinegar from Microbio Wines, onions and spices. With a subtle but fresh flavor, these juicy treats instantly evoke authentic Spanish vermouth.

Summer Cloud Goat Cheese

A ripened goat cheese, aged for about one year in wax rind, Summer Cloud is thoughtfully crafted at Catapano Dairy Farm in Peconic, Long Island. Firm, tangy and finished with a hint of lemon, this Caerphilly-style cheese makes for a crowd-pleasing provision—perfect for picnics or charcuterie.

Taiwanese Golden Diamond Dried Pineapple

After China placed a ban on Taiwanese pineapples in April of 2021, Taiwanese pantry Yun Hai purchased over 14 tons of fruit form small, independent farmers from the country and thus, their Golden Diamond Dried Pineapple was born. The golden diamonds, a pineapple variety unique to Taiwan, are handpicked, sliced into rings and dried without further additives or processing. Not only do these sweet snacks …