Pack + Carry Fireplace

Whether you’re looking to grill or simply enjoy the flicker of fire at dusk and beyond, Snow Peak’s 11-pound stainless steel pack-and-carry fireplace makes for a safe place to whip of a small blaze. It easily folds up for cleaning and transport, but when standing upright it allows reliable, sturdy fire-construction. The Pack + Carry Fireplace was built in Japan, and comes complete with a …

Indigo Stole Shirt

Snow Peak’s Indigo Stole button-down shirt is cut from an indigo-dyed, cotton-linen blend fabric and features patterning that’s bold—but not too busy. Made in Okayama, Japan—a region famous for its denim production—the unisex shirt incorporates Snow Peak’s signature side pockets and casual fit, making it the perfect layer for exploring the outdoors in style.

Two New Camp Stoves from Snow Peak

Cook in the great outdoors with these lightweight, simple stoves from the Japanese outdoor brand

Spending time outside is always made a little better with a few comforts from home. A hot meal and a fresh cup of coffee at the base of a climb or deep in the wilderness is a welcomed luxury. Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak has two new compact and thoughtfully designed camp stoves for a reliable, consistent flame. With a focus on minimizing weight while …