Designers Of The Future Photo Essay

London's Sound Taxi, Ai Weiwei's Grass-Mud Horse Style, COMUNE's last ride and more in our look at the web this week

Sight Unseen had a belated look at the catalog accompanying the Design Miami and W Hotels Designers of the Future awardees exhibition in Basel last June, which offers a pictorial glimpse at the three winners’ creative minds—from “food that describes you” to “an everyday item you wish you’d designed.”

RAMP Sports

Rapid prototyping and Kevlar construction underscore a line of handmade skis

Based out of Park City, Utah RAMP Sports (AKA “Riders Artists Musicians Project”) has just released a line of skis using next-generation rapid prototyping and vacuum molding to create their boards. Their modern equipment has allowed them to create unique molds and build prototypes in record time by making small adjustments to a DXF file. For skiers and riders, this means that boards can be …

Westcomb Switch LT Hoody

The world's lightest NeoShell jacket from Canada's tech-driven outerwear maker

Weighing about as much as a bottle of water, Westcomb‘s impressive 15oz Switch LT Hoody is the latest to be named the world’s lightest NeoShell jacket. While outerwear companies spend every season trying to capture industry attention, Westcomb is one of the few to hit the high mark year after year with cleanly designed, solidly manufactured gear created from start to finish under one roof …