Red Clouds Collective

Portland-based snowboard industry vets band together to make canvas bags and soft goods

Offering a wide array of simple soft goods in leather and canvas, Portland, Oregon-based Red Clouds Collective is the brainchild of Jason Brown, Owen Johnson, Seth Neefus and Dan Weaver. “There’s a bunch of us that come from the skateboard and hip-hop industries,” says Brown. “We do a lot of different kinds of art, but not many of us have been able to make a …

Salence Caisson

The traditional double-breasted topcoat inspires a modern ski jacket

Taking its distinctive look from the timeless topcoat, the double-breasted Caisson jacket from Salence offers a unique look for hitting the slopes. The fully lined wool and polyester blend coat is both breathable and waterproof, with quilted insulation to keep you warm on even the coldest days. While it may not land in the "slopes to streets" category—due to a somewhat bulky silhouette—the Caisson does …


Obama comics, iPhone pepper spray, the Hulkmobile and more in our weekly look at the web

Galleria Carla Sozzani’s newest exhibit, simply titled “Photography,” brings together a wide group of internationally renowned photographers from both fashion and fine art. The exhibition focuses on new works from prominent artists, including William Eggleston, Martin Parr, Ryan McGinley, Taryn Simon and more and runs through 18 November 2012.