Soccer Urinal

We saw this one a while back, but with World Cup in full effect it seemed time to post it. Installed in select Brazilian pubs, the campaign takes the concept of captive audience a step further. A makeshift pitch is comprised of a small plastic goal and moth ball looking ball placed on the urinal's splash guard and is a component of the advert above …

Puma v1.06 Grass Camo Boot

Most of this year's Puma sponsored players will be kicking around in these grass camo boots. No, they won't really disappear and provide some kind of stealth advantage, but they will lend a constant reminder of where they really belong. They also happen to be featured alongside Pele in a video short on that reminds of the spirit of playfulness in the game.

Nike Joga3 Soccer Ball Vending Machine

Joga3, Nike decided to install a vending machine that spits out soccer balls for $20 a pop. All of the proceeds will go to maintenance and repair of the Chelsea Piers fields.