Bose SoundDock

The new Bose SoundDock digital music system promises to be the best (semi)portable iPod listening station around. The cleanly designed unit docks your iPod for charging and playback, and even includes a little remote control. Hopefully the sound is just as good as their other products. More pictures after the jump.

Mysterious Speakers

Paris' newest boutique hotel, The Murano Urban Resort is too trendy for its own good. From the hot pink teddy bear fur lined elevator to the black lit hallways, attempted hipness supersedes comfort and function. To their credit, the fingerprint recognition door lock system is pretty cool and the lobby is striking. The speakers in the lobby are definitely the highlight. The design of the …

Kidrobot Speakers

I'm over my Harman/Kardon desk speakers. They sound nice, but are really nothing special to look at. Time for a replacement. A pair of these little guys from Kid Robot would do just fine. Too bad the orange ones are already sold out. $99 – $249 at Kid Robot via sensoryimpact