Marmoreal Board

Give cheese a proper display with the stunning stone work in the Marmoreal Board by Max Lamb with DZEK. The 95% marble slab blends Verde Alpi, Rosa Verona, Giallo Mori, and Bianco Veron in a highly engineered combination with an organic beauty that gives Mother Nature a run for her money.

Interview: Welfe Bowyer

The Melbourne-based designer of Welfe Jewellery creates bespoke jewels using locally-sourced leather and stones

It’s the little details that matters when it comes to good design, and this Kiwi designer is all about the details. We caught up with Welfe Bowyer, a New Zealand native making a name for himself with his now Melbourne-based bespoke jewelry line, called Welfe Jewellery. After successfully producing for local buyers and boutiques, he’s on the cusp of launching his online store for a …

Shwood Stone Sunglasses

Slate veneers and Carl Zeiss lenses in the Portland company's new collection of shades

Sunglasses manufacturer Shwood is known for their classic designs made out of not-so-classic materials like the one hidden in their name. Adding to their trademark wood frames, the Portland, OR-based brand takes a leap forward today with Stone, a new line made from a thin veneer of slate over birch wood. The new styles retain Shwood’s universally flattering and retro vibe, but the slate—which comes …