Nike SB P-Rod

Nike Skateboarding is releasing a new signature shoe– the P-Rod is named for their crazy frontside flipping wonder-boy, Paul Rodriguez. Available in 3 colorways, baroque brown, all black, and black and white, they all have a funky texture that looks inspired by JB. If you hit the Nike SB site, be sure to check out the interview with P-Rod, plus a video of his commercial. …

JB Classics: More Spring 05

Back in November we got to see JB Classics, including the hot new Getlo model. Well, here are a couple more pairs of the Getlo. With patent leather weaves, quilting and laser graphics varying between colorways, they really should be called textureways or materialways. Or maybe they're just Getloways!

Adidas Athens

It's just over a month until the Olympics begin, but the paraphernalia is already here. Adidas is not only providing footwear for the athletes, they're making street version for you and me. Beinghunted has pictures of all the models. Some are about style, like the Fast Lap Casual (above), others are simply about utility. Overall, the line is pretty slick.