Cool Hunting Video Presents: Brian Dewan

We go to Catskill, NY to see the pre-digital, unpredictable electronic musical instruments at the studio of artist Brian Dewan

In this, our 50th episode, we visit the Catskill, NY studio of artist Brian Dewan. His sculptures are pre-digital, unpredictable electronic musical instruments. Dewanatron, as he calls the genre, is a family of instruments which hazard unpredictable behaviors and self playing tendencies. They make all previous and future instruments obsolete. We also bring you to Pierogi Gallery where we first learned about Dewan.

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Jonathan Schipper

Brooklyn artist Jonathan Schipper uses technology and heavy metal in his latest undertaking, "Factitious"

“Attempt at an Invisible Sphere,” a globe made from 215 cameras and screens, was our first introduction to Jonathan Schipper‘s work. When we had the chance to visit the Brooklyn-based artist in his studio recently, we got to check out more of the “mechanical paradoxes” that make up Schipper’s ouevre and watch him tinker on his latest undertaking, an animatronic sculpture set in motion by …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: RISD Studio

We visit the Rhode Island School of Design to see how students translate Cool Hunting into a physical store

As a final assignment for his Spring 2006 Interior Architecture class, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Professor Jeffrey Katz asked his students to translate Cool Hunting in to a physical store. We were very excited to hear about all this and agreed to participate with a little guidance and critique. This video highlights some of the student projects and our reaction to them. Thanks …