Sneakers, Size Isn’t Everything

Sneakers, Size Isn't Everything is a 1998 homage to the design, production and culture of Sneakers. It's a beautifully designed, highly visual book that covers brands big and small, and scans from Japanese school girls to LA gangs to Skater kids. It's a great glimpse at how much and yet how little has changed in the last 7 years.

Cool Japan: Otaku Strikes!

Wear It With Pride

Though their most recent heyday was in the 80’s, pin badges (or buttons, or pins) have always had their place in certain street fashion sub cultures. They are making a come back, and now there’s a one stop shop for the neatest selection around. WEARITWITHPRIDE is a new website showcasing a unique collection of pin badges designed by some of the best Graphic Designers, Graffiti …