Succulent Pillow

These realistic-looking succulents are, in fact, decorative pillows handmade from cotton canvas and linen by Sabine Herrmann. The Berkeley, California-based artist takes her own photographs of the diverse vegetation around the neighborhood, which are then printed onto fabric. From blue agave succulents to pinecones, Hermann’s Plantillo pillows are almost like an optical illusion; the best thing is that they require zero maintenance.

Terra Hydro Terrarium

These copper edged glass terrariums crafted by a designer duo from Ichikawa, Japan exhibit the beauty of the entire plant. With one compartment to hold the water and another to suspend the plant, this unique vase allows you to observe both the succulent and its intricate root system thrive and grow.

Elephant Air Plant Pod

With just a hint of ’70s kitsch, this Elephant Air Plant Pod by Claylicious serves as a nice little upper for your desktop. The ceramic figurine houses a tuft of soil-independent greenery, so you’ve got a little bit of life without any of the mess.