Mississippi Croc Triple Bar Set

Take your bar (or at least part of it) with you! Daines and Hathaway’s Mississippi croc leather bar set, complete with three stainless steel flasks, is a classy way to mix up a martini or a Negroni on the go.

HHI and Dunderdon

Phili's custom motorcycle makers team up with the Swedish workwear company for a contemporary take on a 1970s welder's jacket

Driven by a strong American work ethic and an eye for perfectly minimalist machinery, Hammarhead Industries first drew attention for their vintage-inspired custom motorcycles soon after their 2010 launch. Now hot on the heels of the recently released Day Pack, the new collaboration with Dunderdon takes the Philidelphia-based grease monkeys further into the world of fashion without taking them away from their roots. At the …