Vintage Typewriter Cufflinks

Heritage English shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser know an elegant pair of cufflinks is the key to completing a sharp look. These vintage typewriter cufflinks from the 1930s decidedly add a distinguished touch.

Tie Mags

Traditionally, to prevent a tie from flip-flopping all over the place, tie clips required, poking holes in the accessory, while tie bars clamp down quite hard and still leave a mark. Now, with an array of handsome options, Tie Mags utilizes industrial-strength magnets to lock a tie into place—with no harm done to the tie itself. Their lovely collection keeps things neat, without the longterm …

Ratio Custom Shirt

Ratio has discovered the fastest way to make a custom shirt at an affordable price. Using your answers from a short questionnaire, Ratio creates a one-of-a-kind blueprint to make a shirt that fits perfectly and is made in the USA.