The Devel Sixteen Debuts at the Canadian International Auto Show

We speak with the company's president about creating the world's fastest supercar

“It was not intended to be a business, just a passion”

Notes: Sunrise to Sunset GT

The first time behind the wheel of a McLaren is a euphoric adventure

West Hollywood’s Sunset GT is an ambitious gathering of ludicrous machinery in the heart of a town where ludicrous is the name of the game. Every second Sunday morning (from 9AM to 11AM), Sunset Plaza is full of supercars, hypercars, classics and more—and too many auto enthusiasts to count. I’ve been to countless car meet-ups, but today would be different. Rolling over and checking the time, …

Test Drive: Bugatti Chiron

From Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to Los Angeles in the luxurious supercar

“I know you won’t believe me until you start to drive, but it’s a very docile car,” Bugatti pro-driver Butch Leitzinger, tells us as we get behind the wheel of the brand new Chiron. Without even starting the engine, the car is a dream—with its devastatingly soft, free-range cattle-upholstered seats. “People expect it to have a bite, but it’s friendly,” Leitzinger continues, “It’s like driving a Bentley around …