Raw Mānuka Honey 850+ MGO

Boasting a wide range of wellness properties—from promoting digestive and skin health to offering sore throat relief—raw Mānuka honey is an upgrade on regular supermarket versions. This rare, New Zealand-harvested iteration contains 850+mg of Methylglyoxal, a medicinal level that purportedly confers “active enzymes and health properties.”


Amino acid-rich, live and sprouted watermelon seeds compose Dope Naturally’s MelonAid textured protein powder. The seeds are included whole to maximize their nutritional benefit so the powder should be blended in a smoothie if you’re not keen to crunch on it, though it can be dropped atop yogurt or cereal, as well. The powder component is made from beets, dragonfruit and strawberries to stimulate energy, …

Hacker’s Brew Iced Coffee

A handcrafted mocha- and coconut-milk-infused drink made to boost your brain power

As the coffee industry keeps evolving and growing, another brand is emerging—and making a splash by doing things differently. The CEO of Hacker’s Brew, Elias Ladopoulos (a technologist, investor and well-known co-founder of the Masters of Deception hacker group), loves his coffee. However, Ladopoulos was finding the ups and downs, highs and lows, buzzes and crashes all a little unstable. So Hacker’s Brew was developed …