Apolis Survival Bundle

$188 width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”none” /> $188 Apolis Survival Bundle 
 What more basic elements are more important to our lives as water, fire, light and perhaps a pen-and-pad? Apolis bundles a Swiss-made Sigg water bottle, Imco lighter, Maglite flashlight, journal and high-quality space pen so you’ll never be caught without. All are stamped with Apolis Global Citizen. 
 Available from Apolis for $120 width=”300″ height=”300″ …

Three Fire Starters

Essential survival gear for the modern adventurer

Whether it’s a casual overnight camping trip or a die-hard weeks long expedition in the wilderness, fire is essential for successful survival or s’more making. While rubbing two sticks together or using a standard lighter might work, it can also lead to blisters and the risk of running out of fluid, leaving you stranded in the dark, waiting for the coyotes to arrive. An excellent …