Massif Collection

Tailored clothing for your inner James Bond

The sartorial lines are being blurred. Business and casual, sporty and buttoned-up, military and civilian—it’s no longer possible (or wise) to judge a man by the cut of his suit. Most innovation results from cross-pollination: you take two good ideas and make a third, even better idea. A major supplier of military apparel, Massif has done just that, mating tactical clothing with progressive cuts and …

M.Nii Winter 2012

Vintage Polynesian print blazers and era-inspired chinos in the revived surf brand's first cold-weather collection

Shortly after the conclusion of WWII a movement was beginning on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. While Honolulu drew in first-time vacationers, around the corner in the town of Makaha, surfing, both as a sport and a culture, was coming into its own. Leading the way with what many consider to be the first iteration of what we now call “boardshorts,” M.Nii tailor shop supplied …

3D Design

A closer look at G-Star's pioneering approach with Shubhankar Ray

Advertorial content: 
 In an industry built on traditionalism and heritage before innovation, G-Star RAW continues to push the envelope with next-generation design. When the company first introduced the Elwood in 1996, the denim world hadn’t seen a jean with articulated and reinforced knees. Rather than stopping there, G-Star continued to experiment with unconventional dying methods, baking fabric, adding darts and asymmetrical seams—anything to make …