The Circadian Tarot

A deck of cards in book form, featuring surreal watercolors by artist Michelle Blade

We first came across Michelle Blade’s surreal watercolors when covering her multi-colored aura scarf, a collaboration with object-based periodical The Thing Quarterly. The LA-based artist mentioned spending the past year researching and painting the 78 classic Tarot cards for a book, and we finally had the chance to see the new hardcover in person. “The Circadian Tarot,” with text by Jen Altman, is a contemporary …

The Fantod Pack

Read your (mis)fortune today with The Fantod Pack, Edward Gorey’s dark, but humorous, illustrated spoof on tarot cards. An interpretation booklet unlocks the meaning of Gorey’s trademark macabre sketches—each a miniature work of art—of symbols like the Waltzing Mouse (vertigo, loss of jewelry, morbid cravings) to the Tunnel (sexual disturbance, boredom, an irrational project and more).