Five Headphones

The best-sounding new options for tuning in or tuning out

Whether you put them on for pure musical escape or simply to tune out the daily grind, headphones are an essential accessory for all walks of life. We’ve sifted through the most recent releases to short list a handful of standouts from a wide variety of established and unknown names in the audio business. From high-tech and upscale to environmentally friendly to basic, the following …

Metaproject 02

Josh Owen and the Corning Museum of Glass challenge RIT students to explore the creative limits of glass

While knowledge is commonly attributed to experience, fresh ideas often come from fresh minds. Taking this perspective to heart, veteran designer and educator Josh Owen developed Metaproject, an experimental industrial design course at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Now in its second year, the course is partnered with the Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) to challenge students to think in new ways about glass as …


Masterpieces on iPhone

Even from a few feet away, you can see the bold strokes that Sao Paulo artist Roberto Lautert applies to his portraits of iconic art figures, but step closer and you’ll notice that brush lines are strangely missing. That’s because there were no brushes—these works are enlarged versions of the portraits Lautert “paints” by fingertip on his iPhone 3G, using the