The Internet is Over

Rapha rides for Japan, Maeda on craft, dry-transfer Field Notes and more in this week's online snapshot

While Oliver Burkeman won’t ruffle the feathers of anyone working in the digital space (or under 30), his reporting on SXSW’s interactive festival this year addresses the many issues raised—from game theory to biomimicry—by the ever-more-tenuous division between offline and online life.

Inside Out

Poster the world with large-scale photos to help realize street artist JR's 2011 TED wish

Winner of the TED 2011 prize, anonymous French street artist JR’s “wish to change the world” consists of a massive humanist art project. JR grants that art, while not meant to effect change in practical terms, instead changes the way people see the world. “The power of an image is really strong,” and by “making invisible people visible” you can take the power back from …