The Simpsons Reimagined by Shuggie’s Sweet Revenge

Manipulated characters from the iconic TV show land on T-shirts and tote bags

Seemingly very in tune with 20- and 30-somethings of today, Shuggie’s Sweet Revenge makes T-shirts and tote bags emblazoned with cleverly combined Simpsons characters—and cartoon images of Larry David’s face. A delightfully simple idea, the morphed Simpsons portraits are born when artist Sarah Adamson blends two of her favorite characters together, resulting in the likes of Selma Bouvier blended with Otto, and Luann Van Houten …

The Simpsons Personified

UK gossip site Holy Moly and now YouTube are showing a sneaky copy of a commercial where the famous intro to The Simpsons is recreated with real-life actors. Put together for British-satellite broadcaster Sky, the live-action version apparently cost a fortune. It works very well and has a slight British flavour. You can see it here.