Cool Hunting Video Presents: Sovereign Beck

From ties to music to kites, the pair known as Sovereign Beck give us a glimpse into their world

From kite-flying on a Brooklyn rooftop to frying an egg and playing electronic music, episode 72 spends some quality time with the duo called Sovereign Beck. Known for their gorgeously-designed line of silk ties, Ryan Sovereign and William Beck also show us the finery in their Spring ’07 collection, explaining their influences and inspiration along the way. Also on Cool Hunting: Sovereign Beck Ties

This Old Thing Tie Trios

From skirts to belts, the necktie has been reinterpreted in many ways over the years, but none quite as flamboyantly as This Old Thing's Tie Trios. Three vintage neckties sewn together make up the accessory, which we like best when worn wrapped twice jauntily around the neck as a kind of cravat-slash-scarf. The look is as dapper as it is over-the-top; call it urban Mad …

This Old Thing Pleated Ties

Adding a bit of irreverence to the necktie, these ties by This Old Thing look like something Edward Scissorhands might wear. We found the goth accessory at the new Brooklyn boutique Alter, which was founded by the same fashion duo behind This Old Thing. Made from vintage ties, the asymmetrical staggered look comes from little more than a series of simple sewn pleats but the …