“Time” Hourglass

Available in 30, 15 and three minute sizes, HAY’s “Time” hourglass collection modernizes a unique nostalgic character. Made with glass and colored sand, the organic-shaped time-telling devices come in various colors—nude, petrol, grass green, and burnt orange—that are reminiscent of mid-century modern palettes.

Maarten Baas Paints the Time at Schipol

A new variation of the Dutch designer's conceptual clock takes inspiration from the Amsterdam airport itself

Dutch designer Maarten Baas revisits his 2009 “Real Time” concept in a new site-specific project commissioned by Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, following in the footsteps of other “Real Time” clocks found in the nearby Rijksmuseum, as well as the Victoria Museum in Melbourne and MoMA, New York. This edition is a gigantic three-meter-high version found in Lounge 2 at the European hub that sees 15 million …

Scott Thrift’s Today Clock

A 24-hour timepiece simplifying each day into dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight

Designer Scott Thrift has been reimagining the way we convey and perceive time for years now. In 2012, he released ThePresent: a wall clock with a colorwheel face that represents all 365 days of the year. ThePresent’s dial reflects the changing seasons and its message was clear: be patient, we are still moving forward. It won many fans (we use it at CH HQ) but …